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Create a new plan in Advanced Roadmaps

To create a new plan in Advanced Roadmaps:

  1. From the navigation at the top of the page, go to Plans > + Create plan to open the plan creation tool.

  2. Enter these details:

    1. Plan name - This will help your team identify the plan.

    2. Access - Select Private or Open. By default, access is set to Open.

    3. Issue sources - Choose which projects and boards, and filters you want to import from Jira Software. These will form the plan’s scope. Learn more about issue sources on the Add and change issue sources page.

    4. Optional - Select Set exclusion rules to refine the displayed issues. This step isn't required, but helps you refine your plan. Once you’ve set your exclusion rules, use Back to create plan in the upper left corner of the modal. Keep in mind that there are limits on the number of issues that you can include in your Advanced Roadmaps plan.

  3. When you're satisfied with your plan, select Create.

Last modified on Sep 6, 2021
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