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Change issue info from the Program board in your plan

This page refers to the advanced planning features that are only available as part of Jira Cloud Premium and Enterprise.


The Program board lets you make common adjustments when planning across multiple sprints, such as:

Re-parent issues

To assign an issue to a parent issue, select the More actions [•••] menu on the child issue’s card, then choose the issue to which you want to link it.

If a child issue already has a parent issue, select the status lozenge on the card to change or remove the link.

The issue card on the Program board with the ability to change its parent issue

This only works with story-level issues. Parent issues can’t be reparented to a higher hierarchy level from the Program board.

Assign an issue to a different team

When you move an issue to a new team, it inherits the scheduling information of that column (sprint of dates). You may need to reschedule it based on the new teams' information.

To move an issue to a new team, either:

  • select the More actions [•••] menu on the issue, then Change team.

  • drag the issue to the new team’s swimlane

Add a Dependency

To create a dependency between two issues, select the ••• menu on the issue, then Add dependency. In the modal that appears, select which dependency type you want, then select the other issue in the relationship. You can only link issues included in your plan.

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