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Configure a company-managed board

This page applies to company-managed projects only.

Learn more about the difference between company-managed and team-managed projects.

Configuring a board lets you edit the mapping of workflow statuses to columns of a board, as well as edit the columns, swimlanes, and quick filters of a board, and customize the card colors and displayed issue fields.

Before you begin

To configure the board and any of its settings, you must be either:

  • project administrator for the location of the board

  • board administrator for the board itself

See Permissions overview for more information.

Access board settings

  1. Go to your board, then select more () > Configure board.

  2. On the Board settings screen, select the desired tab (Columns, Swimlanes, etc).

For a Scrum board

The board settings screen of a Scrum board in the General and filter tab

For a Kanban board

The board settings screen of a Kanban board, found in the General and filter tab

If you need to see both the selected issue and the rest of your scrum or kanban board, you can choose to open the new Jira issue view as a right sidebar. To do it, go to a board and choose > Open issues in sidebar.

Rename a board

  1. Go to your board, then select more () > Configure board.

  2. On the board settings screen, click the 'pencil' icon(which will appear when you hover) to edit the name of your board. Press the Enter key when finished.

Delete a board

  1. Click in the search field (or press /) and choose View all boards.

  2. Find your board and select more () > Delete.

This will delete the board, but not the board's issues. This is because issues belong to the project, and boards are simply another way to view issues. 

Change a board's administrators

A board's administrator is the only person who can change the configuration of a board along with Jira administrator users. By default, the administrator of a board includes the person who created it. If you're a board administrator or a Jira administrator, you can change the administrators of a board. See Permissions overview for more information.

  1. Go to your board, then select more () > Configure board.

  2. On the board settings screen, click any of the names in the Administrators field (a 'pencil' iconwill appear when you hover over them).

  3. Enter the names of the desired users or groups. If you start typing the name, a list of users and groups will be suggested. Press the Enter key when finished.

The suggested user list will not display if you don't have the Browse users and groups global permission. However, you can still enter the user names and group names manually. See Permissions overview for more information.

You may also want to give the new administrators rights to manage the Jira filter on which the board is based – see the Jira admin documentation on Managing shared filters.

Sharing a board

A board is available to all users who can view the saved filter on which the board is based. Note that they'll also need Browse project permission for the project(s) whose issues are shown on the board. See Permissions overview for more information.

To share a board with different people, you'll need to either edit the saved filter (see the documentation on issue filters), or choose a different filter (see Configuring filters).

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