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Create or remove dependencies on your timeline

Dependencies, also called Issue Links in other parts of Jira, allow you to show the order in which issues need to be done. If there’s a dependency between two issues, one must be finished before the next can begin.

In order to use this feature, a Jira admin needs to enable issue linking. The timeline can only show issues with the Blocks issue link type and link issues from a single project. Learn how to enable issue linking.


To create a dependency directly on your timeline:

Create a dependency from your project roadmap in Jira Software Cloud
  1. Hover over the issue’s schedule bar to reveal dots on either side, as shown above.

  2. Drag one of the dots to the issue you want to link. The timeline automatically configures the order of the dependency (blocks or is blocked by) based on the order in which issues are scheduled.

To create a dependency from the side issue view panel:

  1. Highlight an issue on the timeline to open the side info panel.

  2. Select the icon to open the link menu, then choose Link issue.

  3. Select either blocks or is blocked by, then select the issue to link.

To remove a dependency between two issues:

  1. Select the line linking the issues you want to separate to open the the dependency view window.

  2. Select the icon to remove the dependency.


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