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View and understand your deployment insights

An insights panel in the Deployments view comes with the following features:

  • Deployment frequency

  • Cycle time

  1. Insights panel: Select the Insights button on your view to show the insights panel. All insight cards are found here. To refresh the data, click the circular arrow icon.

  2. Insight card: Each insight is allocated a card that contains real-time data based on your work it contains. Insight cards also include recommendations or callouts that relate to the metric the card supports. For example, average data, time spent, and the statuses.

  3. Help icon: Quickly find the definition of the insight card to understand how it works.

  4. Feedback card: Provide feedback about Insights to help make this feature work best for you and your team.

The insights panel lets you view and understand deployment insights for cycle time and deployment frequency.

How are deployment insights calculated?
Deployment frequency or Cycle time insight displays a unit of work that has passed through the complete cycle. It shows the state of the insight without an average until sufficient data is gathered to calculate it. You need one full week to have passed to determine an average, which is then calculated as the last four full weeks' cumulative average.

Deployment frequency

This insight card shows how many times a day you deploy code to production.


Cycle time

This insight card shows the time that you take work to get from the first commit on a branch to production.

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