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Jira Automation docs have moved

All content related to Jira Cloud Automation, previously under the Automate your Jira processes and workflows section, have moved to the new Cloud Automation docs.

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Change color of issue schedule bars on your roadmap

Unless otherwise noted, the roadmap view in Jira Software is the same for both company-managed and team-managed projects.

On the roadmap, you can change the color of parent issue’s schedule bar, which is then applied to all of its child issues. Planners often use this feature to highlight trends or emphasize pieces of work on the roadmap. For example, you might want to make regular “Keeping the lights on” tasks a different color from feature work.

To change the color of schedule bars from the issue side view:

  1. Select the issue schedule bar to open the side view.

  2. Next, select the colored square next to the issue summary to open the picker.

  3. Choose your color, and your change is automatically applied.

Change color of schedule bars in your Jira Software roadmap

To change the color directly from the schedule bar:

  1. Right click on the schedule bar (or hold control before clicking).

  2. Choose a color from the menu.

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