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Assign an issue to a team in your plan

Advanced Roadmaps is only available as part of Jira Software Cloud Premium and Enterprise.

Learn more about Advanced Roadmaps and how to get a free trial of Jira Software Cloud Premium

Advanced Roadmaps is a sandbox environment meaning that any changes you make to your plan won’t be committed back to your Jira Software issues until you choose to do so.

Learn how to save your changes in the Review and save changes in Advanced Roadmaps section.

To assign an issue to a team in your plan:

  1. Add the Team column to your plan using the Fields menu.

  2. Select the cell of the issue you want to assign, and add your team name.

  3. Press Enter to save.

Teams that haven’t been set up in your plan will be shown as an External Team. To fix this, add the team to your plan.

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