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Jira Automation docs have moved

All content related to Jira Cloud Automation, previously under the Automate your Jira processes and workflows section, have moved to the new Cloud Automation docs.

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What are story points?

Story points are a subjective unit of measurement that doesn’t correlate to any amount of time. Instead, story points express the amount of effort needed to complete a task compared to other work in the sprint. For example, assuming a team has 30 story points in an iteration, a small task that can be completed quickly by one person might only be one story point, whereas a task that will consume your team’s entire sprint would consume all 30 story points.

Story points are a core concept in agile planning, and can only be used by those planning for scrum teams. It can be used for both issue estimation and tracking the progress of work on a board.

By default, story points can only be assigned to story or epic-type issues, and not subtasks such as bugs. This can be changed by those with Jira administrator permissions. Learn how administrators can configure custom field contexts.

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