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What is the project toolchain in Jira?

The toolchain page makes it easy to discover, configure, and manage all the tool-based apps your team uses for a project.

Build a complete toolchain

The toolchain page represents the DevOps lifecycle to help you manage the various phases of work. DevOps lifecycle is a structured framework with distinct phases, processes, and tools for developing and operating software.

What is DevOps?

Discover and integrate apps

Find the best DevOps apps for your team. Search for apps that integrate the tools you already use, discover new apps and tools by browsing categories, and get tailored recommendations from Atlassian.

Discover our DevOps integrations

Configure apps with ease

We know app configuration can be a challenge. Simplify the process with easy access to the correct steps and support documentation from the toolchain page.

Streamline work with integrated features

Connect code repositories, CI/CD pipelines, documentation spaces, and on-call teams to activate important Jira features like Code, Deployments, Project pages, and On-call.

To view the toolchain page, go to Project settings > Toolchain. You must be a project admin to access this page.

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