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Manage search results

After performing a search, you can share the search results, use them as dashboard gadgets, export them, and much more.

Share search results

You can share your issue search results from advanced search with a link. You can email the link of the search results or filter to your teammates. For example, you and your team can track all the bugs in the backlog after performing a search.

To share issues after performing a search:

  1. Select the share icon () on the top-right of the screen.

  2. Enter the fields to share your results.

When you share search results:

  • Recipients will receive an email with a link to the search and the content of the Note field (if specified). The subject of the email will state that you (using your username) shared the issue.

  • If you share a filter, rather than an unsaved search, recipients will receive a link to the filter. If the recipient doesn't have permission to view the filter, they will receive a link to the search results instead.

You can also share search results when searching for issues in a project. Run your search then copy the URL and send it to your team.

Display search results in Confluence

If your Jira site is connected to Confluence, use the Jira issues macro to display search results on a page.

Copy the link to your filter and paste it on a Confluence page, and it'll automatically add the Jira issues macro.

Use search results as a dashboard gadget

Track work effectively by using dashboard gadgets for your search results. For example, you can view your search results as a chart to see the number of days issues were unresolved over a given period.

To create a dashboard gadget from your search results:

  1. Select Export () at the top-right.

  2. Select Create dashboard gadget.

  3. Choose the type of gadget you want to use to display the results.

  4. Select Save to Dashboard.

The chart will be added to your dashboard. For more information on what each chart shows, see reporting.

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