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View and understand insights in team-managed projects

The following information only applies to team-managed scrum projects. This is a beta feature.

To check your project type, look at the bottom of your project’s left-hand sidebar. If you don’t see an icon stating You’re in a team-managed project, then you’re in a company-managed project. Check out our company-managed project documentation.

This data-driven feature helps you adapt existing processes, drive better outcomes, and plan with confidence.

Insights are available on your Board and Backlog for easy reference while you plan or progress a sprint. Insights are also available for Deployments.

Learn how to enable deployments in team-managed projects.

A screenshot of the insight panel on the backlog, with specific sections annotated.
  1. Insight menu: Use the dropdown arrow, or sprint switcher, to see insights related to a future sprint. Select the help icon to quickly find further information about an insight, such as its definition, benefit, and use. To refresh your data, select the circular arrow icon.

  2. Insight: Each insight is separated into its own card. Insights include callouts alongside a visualization related to the metric.

  3. Feedback card: Provide feedback about insights to help make this feature work best for you and your team.


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