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Switch between Jira and Compass components

Jira and Compass components provide the same core issue-grouping functionality, but which ones you use in your project depends on the type of grouping you want:

  • Jira components are best for grouping issues around features, departments, or workstreams in your project. They’re cataloged in the project you create them in. You can designate owners of components, and auto-assign people to issues related to the components.

  • Compass components are best for grouping issues around pieces of software that make up your wider software architecture. They’re cataloged in Compass, a developer experience platform, with details like owner teams, dependencies, help resources, and health metrics.

Your project can’t use Jira and Compass components at the same time.

If your issue-grouping needs are relevant to both Jira and Compass components, we recommend switching your project to Compass components, and using custom fields instead of Jira components (as they’re functionally the same).

Switch your project between Jira and Compass components

Project admins or above must take these steps.

  1. In your project sidebar, select Components.

  2. At the top of the page, confirm which component type your project is using. It’ll say Jira components or Compass components.

  3. Select the button and toggle to the other component type.

The components you switch away from won’t be deleted, and they’ll still be visible on issues they were linked to. You can switch back at any time.

Choose if new projects use Jira or Compass components by default

Site admins must take these steps. Project admins can still switch individual projects between Jira and Compass components.

  1. In the main navigation, select Settings, then Products.

  2. In the side navigation, under Integrations, select Compass.

  3. Choose if new projects use Jira or Compass components by default.

  4. Select Save.

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