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Project roadmap limits in Jira Software

This page refers to the roadmap view in Jira Software and not Advanced Roadmaps, the cross-project planning tool only available as part of Jira Software Cloud Premium and Enterprise.

Unless otherwise noted, the roadmap view in Jira Software is the same for both company-managed and team-managed projects.

While the roadmap view of your project is a useful tool for planning future work, there are limits on what it can show and requirements on how your project must be structured.


Child issues are only visible on scrum boards

As of right now, users can only view and edit timeline bars of child issues when working with Scrum teams.

If you’re planning for Kanban teams, the roadmap shows child issues without timeline bars. Currently, the ability to schedule child issues for Kanban teams is in early-access. Follow the feature request ticket to be notified of updates, including when it’s in beta. View the feature request ticket here.

Only Parent and Standard issue types show on your roadmap

The roadmap view in Jira Software only shows issues of the Parent and Standard types. The default Parent issue type in Jira Software is epic, and the default Standard types are story and task. Learn more about issue types in Jira Software.

Subtasks, which are below Standard, and any custom hierarchy levels above Parent created by Jira Software Premium users won’t show on your project roadmap view. To view them on your roadmap and to plan across multiple projects, you’ll need to use Advanced Roadmaps which is included as part of Jira Software Premium and Enterprise subscriptions. Learn more about higher hierarchy levels in Advanced Roadmaps.

All issues need to come from one project

Commonly, teams running a company-managed project create boards with a custom JQL query to monitor issues from multiple projects. However, the roadmap view in Jira Software only works with issues from the backlog associated with one project. If you’re using a custom JQL filter that draws in issues from multiple boards, adjust it to only include issues from one project. Learn how to adjust your JQL filter.

Cross-project planning is only possible in Advanced Roadmaps, which is included with Jira Software Premium and Enterprise. Learn more about how Advanced Roadmaps helps you plan across multiple teams.

An epic issue type must exist and be included in your project via JQL

Jira Software comes with a default issue hierarchy structure which includes the issue type epic. Your administrator can create a custom hierarchy level and name it whatever your organization calls tasks at that level.

However, if this epic-level task is hidden from the roadmap’s issue source, whether through accidentally deleting the issue type or it’s filtered out through a JQL filter, you’ll see the same warning as above.

Your roadmap cannot exceed 5,000 issues

Your project roadmap can’t show more than 5,000 issues total, and the number of parent issues is capped at 500. The roadmap won’t load if your project exceeds these limits.

Modify your board JQL to reduce the number of issues that show on your roadmap.

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