Quick Filters let you further filter the collection of issues appearing on a Scrum or Kanban board. Use Quick Filters to switch between different issue types (e.g. show only bugs), or to show team-specific views of a common backlog.

Before you begin

To configure the board and any of its settings, you must be either:

  • project administrator for the location of the board
  • board administrator for the board itself

See Permissions overview for more information.

 to configure its Quick Filters.

About the default Quick Filters

By default, a board contains two Quick Filters, called 'Only My Issues' and 'Recently Updated':

Default Quick FilterDefault JQLNotes
Only My Issues
assignee = currentUser()
Displays issues assigned to the person who is currently viewing this board
Recently Updated
updatedDate >= -1d
Displays issues that have been updated in the last 24 hours

Editing Quick Filters

You can create additional Quick Filters or edit existing Quick Filters. Any additional Quick Filters that you create will appear as buttons next to the 'Only My Issues' and 'Recently Updated' buttons on the board.

  1. Go to your board, then select more (•••) > Board settings.

  2. Click the Quick Filters tab.
  3. Edit the Quick Filters, as described in the following table and screenshot (below).

    Add a new Quick Filter

    In the blue area, type the Name, JQL, and a Description (optional), then click the Add button. Your new Quick Filter will be added in the top Quick Filter position.

    Change the name of a Quick Filter

    Click in the Name area of the Quick Filter, modify the existing name, and click the Update button.

    Change the JQL of a Quick Filter

    Click in the JQL area of the Quick Filter, modify the existing JQL, and click the Update button.

    See the examples below for some suggestions. For information on JQL syntax, see 



    Delete a Quick Filter

    Click the Delete button at the right of the Quick Filter.

    Move a Quick Filter

    Hover over the vertical 'grid' icon, then drag and drop the Quick Filter up or down to its new position.

    When this board is used, the top-most Quick Filter appears in the left-most position.

Screenshot: the

Board settings

 screen — 'Quick Filters' tab

Sample JQL you might wish to use for your Quick Filters:

  • Show all issues that are assigned to members of the "bugfix" group:

    assignee in membersOf("bugfix")
  •  Show all issues of type 'Bug':

    type = "Bug"
  • Use an issue filter in your Quick Filter:

    savedfilter = "My Filter"

Next steps

 Need help? If you can't find the answer you need in our documentation, we have other resources available to help you. See Getting help.

  • Read Configuring a board to learn how to configure other parts of your board, like columns or swimlanes.
  • Read


     for information on JQL syntax.