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Import data directly from Trello into Jira

Moving your work from Trello to Jira just got easier. You can now directly import data from Trello into Jira using the Trello importer. The importer directly pulls information from your Trello account, saving you the effort of manually moving data and ensuring the project information is relevant and accurate.

Use the Trello importer

You need to be an admin to use the importer.

To directly import your data using the Trello importer:

  1. From the navigation bar, select Projects > Create a new project.

  2. From the sidebar, go to More > select Import data.

  3. Select Import to a new software project.

  4. Go to Import from apps > select Trello.

  5. Select the Trello workspace and the Trello board from where you’d like to move your data. Select Next.

  6. Add a valid email address for each user to import their information into Jira. Select Next once you’re done.

    1. Make sure to provide the correct email address for each user to avoid data loss and to import the right users into the new project. The current release does not support email invites but we’re working on enabling this feature soon.

    2. Note: Users without an email address won’t be added to the project. These users will appear as “Anonymous” or “@trellousername” in the new project.

  7. Name your new project, and select Import.

    1. The Key will automatically be selected for you. You can modify the Project name and Key later in the Project Settings.

The importer will automatically start moving the data from Trello in the background, and the progress bar will indicate the status of your import. Your data will be migrated into a Kanban board. Once the data is imported, it will show on the board view as issues in your new project.

Contact support if you’re facing any issues with your import.

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