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How do settings differ based on project type?

The biggest difference between team-managed and company-managed projects is who manages their settings.

In team-managed projects, teams set up and manage their workspace independently. They update their project's settings without the help of a Jira administrator. These projects are ideal for teams who want to try different working methods as they mature.

In company-managed projects, Jira administrators set up and manage a team's workspace. In these projects, teams ask a Jira administrator to update their project's settings. Company-managed projects help organizations promote and enforce best practices across many teams.

How you configure access, roles, and permissions in team-managed projects differs from their company-managed counterparts. In team-managed projects, permissions (like who can create an issue or who can change due dates) are tied to a project role. Everyone who has access to your project must have a role. Permissions and role settings are unique to each team-managed project.

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In company-managed projects, Jira admins grant permissions to individuals, groups, or project roles through a mapping called a "permission scheme". This scheme is typically used across many projects. Learn more about permission schemes.

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