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Setting up request management for your software project

Requests feature is a part of a limited launch and is not available to all. It is subject to change and may be rolled out to all customers based on success.

Request Management feature for Jira is powered by Jira Service Management. You can now view all your customer requests from your service project within your software project.

When you click on a request, you will be taken to Jira Service Management issue view where you can work on them. Learn more Jira Service Management issue view.


Getting started with requests

To view the requests raised by your customers in Jira, follow these steps -

Step 1 : Connect your project to Jira Service Management

Your software project is now connected to the new service management project that we’ve created for you. By default, every member of your software project can view the customer requests but not edit them. We’ve selected a project template called General Service Management for IT teams to create your new project.

Learn more about templates in Jira Service Management.

Step 2: Invite members to Jira Service Management

You are currently on the Free plan of Jira Service Management. Therefore, you can provide editing access to upto 3 members of your team right from within Jira.

If you wish to change the user role of any team member to project admin, you can so inside Jira Service Management.

Learn how to change user roles in a service project.

Your service project comes with a pre-built help portal which your customers can use to raise requests. You can preview it from within your software project and share the link with your customers to start receiving requests.

Learn more about portal.

That’s it! Now every request raised by your customers will be visible inside your software project.

Do more with requests tab

After sharing the link for the help portal and inviting team members to your service project, you will be able to view requests inside your service project. You can also configure additional properties like request types by selecting .

Go to service project

Selecting this option will take you inside your Jira Service Management project. You will be taken to the Queues page where all requests raised by your customers will be visible together.

Manage request types

Selecting this option will allow you to modify the request types for your software project inside Jira Service Management. Request types automatically sort requests into the correct queue before they appear as issues in both your software and service project. Doing this, not only provides your customers with the right place to raise requests but also allows your team members to triage and resolve requests quicker.

Learn more about request types.

Add team member

Selecting this option will take you to the settings of your service project where you can invite new member to Jira Service Management and provide project admin access to already present team members.

Alternatively, you can follow these steps –

  • In Jira Service Management, select Project settings > People.

  • Under the Role column, select Administrator.

Turn off requests

You can select this option to toggle off the requests tab feature inside your software project. Alternatively, you can go to Project settings > Features > Requests to toggle on or off the requests tab.

Some of the above options will be available to you only if you have admin access to Jira Service Management.


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