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Limitations of teams in open planning sites

This page refers to the advanced planning features that are only available as part of Jira Software Cloud Premium and Enterprise.

We have a separate section for documentation about the project timeline that’s included in all Jira Software projects. Go to the documentation for project-level roadmaps in Jira Software.

Changes to teams used in plans

The content on this page refers to the new Teams functionality which started rolling out in August 2023, and is still rolling out across plans in Jira Software Premium. Learn more about the new Teams functionality.

How do I know if my site has the new teams functionality?

If the Teams page mentions Shared teams anywhere, then the new feature hasn’t reached your site yet. Until that happens, content about shared teams in your plan can be found on a separate page. Learn more about shared teams..

An open site is site that anyone can access without administrator approval – including those outside your organization. Sometimes, this is done intentionally, or it can be a result of misconfigured site access settings. Learn how to restrict access to your site.

Depending on how your administrator configures them, teams in your Jira site can either be a global entity that can be used and viewed across all of your organization’s other Atlassian sites or restricted to only specific Jira sites.

To protect sensitive team data (e.g. - team names), users viewing an open Jira site can only see these organization-wide teams if they also have access to a restricted site in the same organization. Conversely, users that can only access open sites won’t be able to see teams or assign issues to a team; they'll only be able to see and assign issues to plan-only teams. Learn more about what information is available on unrestricted sites.


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