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Use active sprints

The Active sprints of a Scrum board displays the issues that your team is currently working on. You can create and update issues, and drag and drop issues to transition them through a workflow.

Before you begin

  • Active sprints are only available on Scrum boards. If you are using a Kanban board, see Monitoring work in a Kanban project instead.

  • Different functions on the Active sprints of a board require different permissions. For example, to remove an issue from a sprint, you need to have the Schedule Issues and Edit Issues permissions. See Permissions overview for more information.

Use Active sprints of a Scrum board

Go to the Active sprints of your Scrum board.

Screenshot of an active scrum sprint in Jira Software Cloud

If you need to see both the selected issue and the rest of your scrum or kanban board, you can choose to open the new Jira issue view as a right sidebar. To do it, go to a board and choose > Open issues in sidebar.

About Active sprints:

  • An issue will only be visible in Active sprints if:

    • the issue's status maps to one of the board's columns,

    • the issue is in an active sprint (for Scrum boards), and

    • the issue matches the board's saved filter.

  • Each column maps to one or more Jira statuses.

  • Subtasks are shown slightly indented, with their parent issue key shown above.

  • Swimlanes are based on criteria of your choice. Issues hidden by a Quick Filter will be excluded from the swimlane count.

  • The board will be refreshed every 30 seconds, if the browser window doesn't currently have focus. If you have focus on the window, it will show a message, asking you to refresh.

  • If you've enabled the 'Days in column' indicator for your board (via configuring columns), colored dots will show at the bottom of each issue. The dots and their colors represent the number of days that the issue has been in its current column. Hover over the dots to see the total number of days.

What can I do in the Active sprints of a Scrum board?



Add issues to the To Do column

Click Create in the navigation bar. Fill in the issue details in the Create issue dialog, then click Create. The issue will be added to the To Do column.


Check the Create another checkbox in the Create Issue dialog to keep it open if you're creating multiple issues.

View and edit an issue's details

Select an issue to see the issue detail view and edit issue details.

To open an issue in a separate tab or window, right-click on the issue key on the card.

To view the details of an epic issue, click the epic lozenge on the card.

Filter issues

Click a Quick Filter (below the board name), like Only My Issues. See Configuring Quick Filters for details.

Prioritize an issue

Drag and drop an issue within a column to rank it. You can also right-click the issue to open a menu that allows you to send it to the top or the bottom of the column where it's currently in.

Transition an issue

Drag and drop an issue between columns.

When transitioning multiple issues...

Depending on the following conditions, you can press the Shift or Ctrl key to select and transition multiple issues from the backlog to the next status in your project's workflow:

Create subtasks

Click an issue and click .

Subtasks are useful for breaking a story down into implementable chunks.

Flag an issue

Select an issue and select  > Add flag.

Delete an issue

Select an issue and select  > Delete.

Bulk change issues

Right-click (or select multiple issues and right-click) and select Bulk Change.

Remove issues from a sprint

Right-click (or select multiple issues and right-click) and select Remove from sprint.


Need help? If you can't find the answer you need in our documentation, we have other resources available to help you. See Getting help.

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