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Use active sprints

This page applies to company-managed projects only.

Learn more about the difference between company-managed and team-managed projects.

The Active sprints of a Scrum board displays the issues that your team is currently working on. You can create and update issues, and drag and drop issues to transition them through a workflow.

Before you begin

Use Active sprints in a Scrum board

An issue shows on your active sprints board if it:

  • has a status that maps to one of the board's columns,

  • is in an active sprint (for Scrum boards), and

  • matches the board's saved filter

Subtasks on the active sprints board are shown slightly indented, with their parent issue key shown above.

Each column maps to one or more Jira statuses. Issues hidden by a quick filter are excluded from the swimlane count.

When the Days in column indicator is enabled, colored dots will show at the bottom of each issue, representing the number of days the issue has been in its current column. Hover over the dots to see the total number of days. Learn more about configuring columns

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