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Import data to a software project using a CSV file

With the CSV importer, you can easily transfer information from other project management tools into Jira, saving time and effort.

This CSV import experience is for Jira. Read more about importing into Jira Work Management using a CSV file

To import your data into Jira Service Management, use our old import experience.

Use the CSV importer

To import data using a CSV file:

  1. From the navigation bar, select Projects > Create project.

  2. From the sidebar, go to More > select Import data.

  3. In the Import from CSV section, upload the CSV file that you want to import. For best results, make sure your CSV file is properly prepared and structured. More about preparing and structuring your CSV file

  4. You’ll need to setup a new software project. To choose your template, select Change template. The available templates are Kanban and Scrum. Select Show more to change your Project type, Access, and Key.

    1. The default Project type is Team-managed projects and the default Access is Open.

    2. The Key will automatically be selected for you. You can modify the Project name and Key later in the Project Settings.

  5. After creating the project, preview and map the column data to Jira fields. Learn about mapping data

    1. Each row of the CSV file will be created as an issue in your new software project.

    2. To create custom fields, select Map to a field and then Create a new custom field. More about custom fields

  6. Select Import after the fields are mapped.

The importer will automatically begin moving the data in the background, and you can work on other things. The status of your import will be visible on the project page. You will also receive an email once your import is complete.

Once the data is imported, it will show on the board view as issues in your new project. More about the board view

Additional Help