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Configure working days

The Working days setting for your board is used for different reports and gadgets. You can change this setting to filter out weekends, holidays, and other times during which your team might not be working on your board's projects.

Before you begin

To configure the board and any of its settings, you must be either:

  • project administrator for the location of the board

  • board administrator for the board itself

See Permissions overview for more information.

Configure working days

  1. Go to your board, then select more () > Configure board.

  2. Select the Working days tab.

  3. If your team has a different timezone from that of the server, select the team's region and timezone.

  4. In Standard working days, select the days during which your team usually work.

  5. In Non-working dates, use the date picker to specify holidays or one-off dates your team won’t be working, then select Add date.
    To remove a non-working day, select the x next to the date.

These settings will be reflected in the following reports and gadgets:

  •  Burndown Chart, Sprint Report, Epic Report, Version Report, Control Chart

  • Sprint Health Gadget, Burndown Gadget

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