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How do I navigate Advanced Roadmaps?

There are two main menus that are essential for working in Advanced Roadmaps: the Jira navigation bar and the Advanced Roadmaps menu bar.

Advanced Roadmaps in the Jira navigation bar

Where to find Advanced Roadmaps related functions in the Jira Software Cloud Nav

1. Plans tab

Access existing Advanced Roadmaps plans and create new ones using the Plans tab. Once you’ve created a plan, you can quickly navigate to it using the dropdown menu shown above.

2. menu

The menu contains all of the Jira-wide configuration settings, including some that apply to Advanced Roadmaps.

Advanced Roadmaps plan settings, scenarios, and plan views

A quick guide of how to navigate the Advanced Roadmaps specific menu in Jira Software Cloud

1. Advanced Roadmaps plan settings

At the top of your roadmap, underneath the Jira navigation bar, you’ll see functions and settings specific to your Advanced Roadmaps plan. Select the more icon (•••) next to your plan name and choose Configure to configure your plan-specific settings, or Delete to remove your plan.

2. Scenarios

This menu houses the scenario planning tool of Advanced Roadmaps. It only shows once scenarios have been enabled in your plan.

3. View selector

Switch between different views and aspects of your plan using the view selector menu. It contains four sections:

  • Your Roadmap views each show your plan with different view settings applied.

  • Teams is where you’ll find more information about the teams included in your plan.

  • Releases is where you configure and manage the releases associated with your plan.

  • The Dependencies report is a visual map of issues that are linked and must be completed in a specific order.

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