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Add a dependency from your timeline in Advanced Roadmaps

There are two ways to create a dependency in your plan.

Manually configure a dependency

To create a dependency from your timeline:

  1. Select an issue’s badge icon on the schedule bar.

  2. In the flyout that opens, select + Add dependency.

  3. Create an incoming or outgoing dependency using the blocked/is blocked by menu, and designate an issue.

  4. Use the checkmark to confirm your choice.


When you use the drag and drop feature, Advanced Roadmaps automatically configures incoming and outgoing dependencies based on their position in your timeline.

To create a dependency using the drag and drop feature.

  1. Select an issue’s dependency badge icon from the timeline section of your plan, and drag it to the schedule bar of the issue to which you want to link it.

  2. Release the icon to create a dependency.

Last modified on Aug 10, 2021
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