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What is Advanced Roadmaps?

Advanced Roadmaps is included with Jira Software Premium and Enterprise.

Create compelling, detailed plans and track progress towards your organization’s higher-level goals using Advanced Roadmaps. By making a visual representation of your teams' work inJira Software, your Advanced Roadmaps plan can be used to align teams and work, communicate with stakeholders, and gain greater visibility into your projects; all while keeping track of current work in an ever-changing Agile environment.

At this time, Advanced Roadmaps does not support team-managed projects.

Discover how Advanced Roadmaps for Jira Software Cloud can help you plan efficiently, create schedules, and troubleshoot.


Create a plan from existing Jira data and get a cross-team and cross-project view of your work.


Auto-schedule issues to create a realistic schedule in a matter of seconds.


Manage teams' capacity to set realistic deadlines and avoid bottlenecks. Team and capacity management help you ensure the right people are available when needed.


Instantly see the impact of prioritization and trade-off decisions so you can answer 'what-if' questions quickly.


Set business goals and track progress to make sure your team is executing on strategy with everyone aligned to the same priorities.


Create a single source of truth with aggregated visibility across teams, so you can keep everyone on the same page.

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