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What is Advanced Roadmaps?

This page refers to Advanced Roadmaps, which is a cross-project planning tool only available as part of Jira Software Cloud Premium and Enterprise.

We have a separate section for documentation about the project roadmap that’s included in all Jira Software plans. Go to the documentation for project-level roadmaps in Jira Software.


Advanced Roadmaps for Jira Software Cloud lets you combine issues from boards, projects, and filters to create an all-encompassing plan that spans multiple teams or your entire organization. You can use this plan to estimate release dates for cross-team projects, answer staffing and resource questions, or map out your organization’s yearly goals.

Advanced Roadmaps doesn’t support team-managed projects, but it’s coming.

We haven’t yet announced a date for this feature, but you can follow our progress towards this goal on the Add support for epics from Team Managed projects into Advanced Roadmaps support ticket.

An example of a plan in Advanced Roadmaps for Jira Software Cloud

Advanced Roadmaps comes with features specifically designed for high-level, long-term planning:

  • Expand your hierarchy levels - Add more hierarchy levels to your plan--like initiatives--to create broader, more encompassing plans.

  • Take all dependencies into account - See all potential dependencies that can impact your timeline (even if they live outside your plan).

  • Play in a sandbox environment - What happens in Advanced Roadmaps stays in Advanced Roadmaps. Your changes won’t be saved to in Jira issues until you’re ready.

  • Plan based on your team’s capacity and velocity - Schedule work at a pace your teams can handle to ensure that your plan is attainable.

  • Plan for all scenarios - Explore different versions of your plan based on all of the possibilities. Feel free to wonder “What would my plan look like if…”


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