Connect Bitbucket to Jira Cloud for deep integration

Enjoy the seamless integration of issues and code by connecting Jira and Bitbucket.

Once connected, a developer need only include a Jira issue key in a branch name, commit message or pull request title to get the full integration experience described on this page.

See Jira Cloud issue details in Bitbucket

See the key details of Jira issues – without leaving Bitbucket. Just click an issue link wherever it's been added to commit messages, pull request comments or anywhere else in Bitbucket.

Read more about referencing Jira issues.

Surface your Bitbucket activity in Jira Cloud

See the key details of branches, commits, pull requests, builds, and deployments without leaving Jira Cloud. Create new branches and pull requests directly from an issue.

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Automate Jira workflows

Sync pull requests, commits and branches to your Jira Cloud workflow so that issues will update automatically as you work.

Read more about processing Jira Cloud issues with Smart Commit messages.

Invite other workspace members

Make it easy for new members to find your repos in a workspace.

Read about configuring automatic workspace invitations.

Have confidence in your releases

In classic projects, the Release Hub shows the state of all your work on the coming release, and the releases panel shows how the deployment went.

Read about checking the progress of a version.

Troubleshoot your connection

If you're having problems, troubleshoot your connection with Jira Cloud.