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What are Jira components?

Jira components are only available in company-managed projects, and are scoped to the project they’re created in.

Jira components help you group issues in your project around product features, departments, or workstreams. You can assign component owners, and auto-assign people to issues linked to those components.

For example, a project might have Jira components like Frontend and Backend to represent different engineering workstreams. Each workstream lead can be assigned as the component owner, manage the issues linked to the component, and choose who is auto-assigned to those issues.

Project admins can configure Jira components. Everyone else in the project can view, search for, and link issues to Jira components.

If you want to group issues around pieces of your software architecture, switch your project to Compass components, which are cataloged in Compass, a developer experience platform.

By using Compass components in Jira projects, teams can understand the status and impact of their work on their wider software architecture, and surface information to move that work forward.

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