Create epics on the roadmap

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The following information only applies to classic projects.

To check which project you need help with, look at the bottom of your project’s left-hand sidebar:

  • If you see an icon stating You’re in a next-gen project with Give feedback and Learn more menu items, you're in a next-gen project. Check out our next-gen project documentation.

  • If you don’t, you're in a classic project.

Your project's roadmap pulls together the epics within a single project. You can use it to manage and gain insights about your epics.

To create an epic:

  1. Select + Create Epic in the first column of the roadmap.

  2. Give your epic a name, and click enter.

Your new epic will be added to the bottom of the list.

Or, create a new epic by hovering your mouse between two existing epics. The new epic will land in the middle of the list.

A cropped screenshot of the an epic list on the roadmap. On hover, a create function appears.

You can also adjust the color of an epic directly on the roadmap. Simply right-click the epic and choose a fresh color.

A screenshot of the classic roadmap. An epic has been right-clicked, to display various color options.
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