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Flag an issue

You can flag an issue to indicate that it's important. The card of a flagged issue is displayed in yellow in the Scrum backlog, Active sprints of a Scrum board, Kanban backlog (if enabled), and Kanban board, with the 'flag' icon replacing the priority icon.

Highlighted flagged issue in backlog of a Jira Software project.

Flagging or unflagging an issue

  1. Go to your board or backlog

  2. Select an issue and click  > Add flag

You can also add a comment when you're adding a flag to or removing a flag from an issue. You may want to do this to indicate your reason for adding or removing the flag.

Flagged issues are visible to all members of a project.

Searching for flagged issues

The flag for an issue is stored in a custom checkbox field called "Flagged", which has only one value: Impediment. Use the JQL query Flagged = Impediment to find flagged issues.

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