You can flag an issue to indicate that it's important. The card of a flagged issue is displayed in yellow in the Scrum backlog, Active sprints of a Scrum board, Kanban backlog (if enabled), and Kanban board, with the 'flag' icon replacing the priority icon.

Flagging or unflagging an issue

  1. Go to your board or backlog
  2. Select an issue and click ••• > Add flag

We're gradually rolling out a new issue view, which you may see on your boards and in your backlog. The issue detail view will look a little different and some procedures will change slightly. Take a look at our info page to see what's changed and get the latest updates.

Searching for flagged issues

The flag for an issue is stored in a custom checkbox field called "Flagged", which has only one value: Impediment. Use the JQL query Flagged = Impediment to find flagged issues.