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Search issues, projects, and more with the your keyboard

You can use a forward slash / in the command palette search bar to find:

  • Issues

  • Projects

  • Boards

  • Filters

To search for issues, projects, and more in the command palette:

  1. Open the command palette.

    1. If you’re a Mac user, press command :command: + K to open the command palette.

    2. If you’re a windows user, press Ctrl + K to open the command palette.

  2. Type a forward slash / or press the down key and select the top command Search issues, projects, and more

  3. Type keywords into the search bar to find what you’re looking for.

An annotated screenshot of the command palette while searching for issues
  1. The forward slash in the search bar indicates you are not searching for commands, you’re instead searching for issues, projects, boards, and filters.

  2. Labels separate different types of results.

  3. Issues results show:

    1. The issue type icon

    2. The issue key, e.g. TR-35.

    3. The issue summary, e.g. “Editable fields”.

    4. The project where the issue lives, e.g. “Team Rocket”.

  4. If you don’t see what you’re looking for straight away, you can select View all results. It will take you to another page with all the relevant search results.


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