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Understand insights on the board in a team-managed project

Insights appear in your team’s board or backlog. Learn more about how to view insights.

Sprint progress

A cropped screenshot of the sprint progress insight card. The data is visualised showing work is done + most in progress.

Hit every daily scrum meeting with a dose of insights. As you run through your board, see how your sprint’s tracking to understand the likelihood of completion.

Understand exactly how your sprint's progressing across each status category, making it easier for you and your team to pivot, set expectations, or see work through.

Learn more about status categories in team-managed projects.

The bar is split by the number of story points, issues, or time assigned to each status category. If your project has story points enabled, the progress bar will update when points are added to each issue.

So, at a glance, you can understand the portion (and percentage) of work that hasn't been started, is in progress, or done.

Hover over each status category section to see a breakdown by story point, issue count or time estimate.

Epic progress

A cropped screenshot of the epic progress insight showing two epics being worked on by the current sprint.

Keep an eye on your priorities and stay on track to achieve your goals by seeing how your sprints contribute to your epics.

Epics will often represent a big goal, project, or outcome. Instead of tackling everything all at once, Scrum teams often break down big goals into smaller pieces of work that then get added to a time-boxed sprint.

The epic progress insight helps you connect the work you’re doing in your sprint to that larger goal, outcome, or epic. This could mean your sprint only contains issues working towards one epic, such as your launch plan. Or, maybe your team choose to divide and conquer and add work to a sprint that helps to progress multiple epics

The insight also indicates when the issues in your sprint aren’t working towards any epics. This might be because your issues haven’t been assigned to an epic. If the work has been assigned to an epic, and it’s still not showing up in the insight, check your estimation statistic.

Right now, insights support story points, time estimation, and issue count.

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