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Change the location of a board

Most boards in Jira are located in a project, but you can also have boards that are attached to your profile. When you create a new board, you’re asked to choose either a project or your profile as its location.

To change a board's location:

  1. Navigate to the board and choose > Configure board.

  2. Under General, select the Location field.

  3. Type the name of the project or your name and choose the new location.

The board will move to its new location straight away. To view boards located in your profile, select your avatar and choose Your boards.

If a board is attached to an inactive project or user, your project or board admin will need to assign a new location so it’s still accessible.

Find your recent boards quickly. Try any of these.

  • Type / to open quick search (recent boards are shown before you type).

  • Star a board, then quickly find it again by going to Your work > Starred.

  • If you’re in a project, click the board name in the sidebar to switch to other recent boards.

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