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Check the release status of a version

Since a version has many moving parts, you need to be sure that everything is ready before you can release a particular version — issues are complete, code is committed, reviewed, and merged, builds are passing, etc. The Release Hub in Jira Software can help you stay on top of everything when it's time to release a version. Each issue in Jira Software also has a development panel that helps you see the development status of an issue at a glance.

Using the Release Hub

As described in Checking the progress of a version, the Release Hub is useful for seeing the status of a version at a point in time. It shows a summary and a breakdown of the issues in the version, with the issues grouped by status, so you can see if there's any remaining work for the release.

If you have Jira Software connected to your development tools, the 'Warnings' tab can also help you spot issues that could cause problems for the release. These include issues that should be in the release but haven't been merged (open pull requests), issues that haven't had code reviews, etc. Rather than spend your time hunting this information down, you can help your team sort these problems out as soon as they occur.

To view a version in the Release Hub:

Go to the project that your version is in, and then click Releases > your desired version.

Checking the development status of an issue

If you need to deep dive into individual issues, the development panel on each issue will show you its development status. This includes commits, builds, branches, pull requests, and more. For more information, see Viewing the development information for an issue


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