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Manage sprints in your calendar

Unless otherwise noted, the calendar view in software projects is the same for both company-managed and team-managed projects.

If your team works in sprints, you can use the calendar to view each sprint’s status and dates, and edit the sprint as needed.

You must be an admin of the project to show sprints in your calendar. Once enabled, sprints will be shown to all users.

Show or hide sprints on the calendar

To show sprints on the calendar:

  1. Select View settings in the top right of the calendar.

  2. Under Show calendar items, switch on the toggle for Sprints.

To hide sprints on the calendar, switch the toggle off.

View sprint details

When sprints are shown on the calendar, you can select the sprint to view the following details:

  • Status

    • a blue bar means the sprint is active

    • a green bar means the sprint is completed

    • a gray bar means the sprint hasn’t started yet

  • Start date and planned end date

Change a sprint’s start and end date

You can change a sprint’s start and end dates directly on the calendar.

  • To shift an entire sprint to an earlier or later date, drag and drop the sprint to its new dates.

  • To adjust a sprint’s start or due dates separately, select and drag an edge of the sprint. Drag the right edge across multiple days to extend the end date or change the start date by dragging the left edge in either direction.

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