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Save changes made in your plan

This page refers to the advanced planning features that are only available as part of Jira Cloud Premium and Enterprise.


To save the changes made in your plan, you'll need the your plan administrator permission as well as permission to edit the project in Jira.

As you build your plan, edits to things in your plan like issues or Teams are held until you’re ready to update your issues. This allows you to explore different planning outcomes without effecting existing issues. When you’re ready, you can save edits which overwriting the data of the issues in your plan. Jump to the list of changes you might see in this screen.

Changes on this screen are listed according to the Issue key. If there’s multiple updates to an issue, the number of changes shows in the What changed column. Select the field in this column to view all of the changes associated with that issue.

To save your work so far, select the changes you’d like to save. To speed up the process, filter the issues in the Review changes modal.

Any change you choose not to save remains visible on this screen until you:

  • save it or

  • discard it by selecting the change, then Discard selected changes

Lastly, choose whether you want to send notifications to those watching your issues in Jira based on their Jira notification settings using the Send update notifications checkbox in the lower left corner.

When you’re ready, use the Save selected changes in Jira button to commit your changes.

Changes you can find in this modal

In the Review changes modal, the following actions appear in the Review changes modal.

Entries with an * next to them only apply if you’re planning with multiple scenarios. What is planning with scenarios?

If you’re not planning with scenarios, these changes show in your modal and can be saved, but not doing so has no negative impact on your plan.

Updates to Issues

  • creating an issue from your plan

    • When you create issues in your plan, they’re not created right away. As such, when you save changes made to new issues (as covered above), the issue is created in the appropriate project or board and updated based on the information in

  • changing an issue’s:

    • estimate

    • team assignment

    • summary

    • scheduled dates or sprint assignment

    • value in a custom field

  • removing an issue from your plan*

Updates to teams

  • creating a new team that’s available across your entire organization

    • saving a team that's available across your entire organization adds it to the Teams view Jira, and also saves the information associated with it

  • creating a plan-only team*

  • adding an existing team to your plan*

  • editing team membership

  • changing an existing team’s

    • name

    • sprint capacity*

    • sprint length*

  • remove a team from your plan or deleting a plan-only team*

Updates to releases

  • editing a release’s

    • name

    • description

    • dates

  • creating a new release (single-project or cross-project)

  • deleting a release (single-project or cross-project)*

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