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What are filters on the timeline?

This page refers to the timeline view in Jira and not your plan, the cross-project planning tool only available as part of Jira Cloud Premium and Enterprise.

Unless otherwise noted, the timeline view in Jira is the same for both company-managed and team-managed projects.


Filters on your timeline are a handy way to focus on specific issues. You can use them to only show issues that relate to product work, or highlight your team’s “keep the lights on” tasks.

You can find filters at the top of your timeline:

The filters in your Jira Software Cloud roadmap view

They only show once the field is relevant to the issues in your plan. For example, you’ll only see the Type filter option when more than one issue type is added to your plan, and label will only show when you have one or more labels assigned to issues. If a filter doesn’t show at the top of the screen, make sure the field you’re looking for contains a value.

These filters are different from a JQL filters in that they only hide them from the timeline view.

You can choose to show or hide issues based on:

  • assignee

  • status

  • versions

  • type

  • label

  • component

  • keyword (using the search box)

  • goals

Custom filters

This feature is currently rolling out to cloud customers. Your site may not reflect these changes, or you might not see it in your site just yet.

You can also create your own filters to use on your timeline.

In company-managed projects, you can use quick filters from your board to hide issues from your roadmap. Using this filter won’t remove the issues, it just hides them. Learn more about quick filters in Jira Software.

In team-managedprojects, you can do the same thing using custom filters. As with quick filters on company-managed roadmaps, using a custom filter won’t remove the issues, it just hides them. Learn more about custom filters in team-managed projects.


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