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Create different views of your plan

This page refers to the advanced planning features that are only available as part of Jira Cloud Premium and Enterprise.

We have a separate section for documentation about the project timeline that’s included in Jira. Go to the documentation for the project timeline in Jira.


The information that you want to highlight in your plan varies depending on the audience. Upper management might want to see an overall view of your timeline, while a development manager might be interested in a more granular breakdown that focuses specifically on their team. For this reason, you can save different settings profiles on your plan so you can quickly and easily recall a view depending on your audience.

Within each view, you can add or remove columns, apply filters and sorting preferences, change color settings, and more to tell the story that each individual audience needs to see.

Adjust how your plan displays your data

The View settings menu lets you customize how your plan displays issues and related information on your timeline. This menu lets you:

  • change how issues are sorted

  • change how issues are grouped

  • add color to issues in your plan

  • show full hierarchy on your timeline when filtering

  • change how dependencies show on your timeline

  • enable roll-ups in your plan

Preconfigured views

If you want to get started straight away, your plan comes with four preconfigured views out of the box. Each has their own preset settings, but all are editable:

  • Basic view

  • Sprint capacity management view

  • Top-level planning view

  • Dependency management view

If none of these show your plan the way that you want, you can also save custom views to your plan. Find out how to save your modified view.

Plan for all outcomes with scenario planning

Create different versions of your plan to capture a range of possibilities and outcomes. What if this task goes long? What if we don’t have to build this from scratch?

Scenarios in your plan let you explore all the ways your project could go. And once you’re ready, you can easily make that scenario your main plan, and commit those values back to your Jira issues.

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