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Create a new Program board in your plan

This page refers to the advanced planning features that are only available as part of Jira Cloud Premium and Enterprise.


For a smoother experience, we recommend that you do some preparations before creating your Program board.

To create a new board:

You can only have two active Program boards in a plan

A Program board is considered active if its end date is in the future. Once a Program board’s end date passes, the board is completed and no longer counts against your allotment of active boards.

  1. Select Program from the left side navigation, then:

    • select the Create program board button in the middle of the screen to begin to create your first board

    • select the dropdown menu next to the search bar, and choose Create a new Program board to create a second board

  2. Name your Program board, then select the start date. The Program board automatically spans 12 weeks and creates six iterations that each last two weeks. For now, these details can’t be changed.

  3. Select which issues you want to schedule on your Program board using a custom field that’s been added to your plan or the Label field. If you skip this step, your board adds all issues with To do or In progress statuses. For this reason, we recommend that you groom your issues before creating a Program board.

  4. Confirm your choices, then select Create.

How the Program board sorts unscheduled issues

When you first open your Program board, issues appear in the Drag issues to schedule column if:

  • they have no scheduling information or

  • are currently scheduled outside the scope of your board

How the Program board sorts scheduled issues

Issues with partial information are automatically placed them in the columns it thinks are most appropriate:

If your partially filled issues don’t meet either of these cases, they’ll show in the Drag issues to schedule column.

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