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Enable custom fields used in Advanced Roadmaps in Jira

The processes described in this section are only possible with the Jira Software Administrator permissions.

Before you can use labels, components, team, and custom dates in Advanced Roadmaps, they first must be defined in your Jira settings.

Only the following custom field types are supported in Advanced Roadmaps:

  • label

  • component

  • teams

  • checkbox

  • date picker

  • user picker (single user)

  • number

  • radio button

  • single-choice select

  • multiple-choice select

  • single-line text

  • URL (read-only)

Adding these fields is a two step process.

1. Add custom fields to your Jira issues:

  1. Select > Issues.

  2. Under FIELDS, select Custom fields.

  3. Click Create custom field. Make sure to select All to view the available field options.

  4. Select the type of field you want to create and click Next. See a list and descriptions for the available custom field types in company-managed projects.

  5. Add the details for your field.

    The name you select appears as the custom field's title wherever the field appears. The description appears below the field when creating and editing issues, but not when browsing issues.

  6. When you have entered the field details, select Create.

  7. Add the new custom field to one or multiple screens by ticking the corresponding box and click Update.

Data in these custom fields will be saved to your Jira issues, but won’t be visible until the fields are added to your instance.

Optional: Once you’ve created your custom field, you can configure it have have a default value. Learn how to configure default values in custom fields in Jira.

2. Add custom field to issue scheme

  1. Select  > Issues.

  2. In the left menu, select Custom fields listed under Fields.

  3. Find your recently added field, then select > Associate to Screens.

  4. Select the appropriate screen(s), then scroll to the bottom and select Update.

Now that you’ve added the custom field to issues and the scheme, Advanced Roadmaps users can now add it to their plans. Learn how to add it to on the Add and view custom fields in Advanced Roadmaps page.

Grab some coffee, take a victory lap, and high-five someone. You’ve made it to the end!



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