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Link repositories to a project

Keep track of your team’s work by linking code repositories from connected development tools to your Jira Software project.

Before you begin

Before you can link repositories to your Jira Software project, you must complete the following steps:

  1. Enable the code feature in your project. Learn more about enabling code

  2. Connect Jira Software to Bitbucket, GitHub or another supported source code management tool. Learn more about integrating Jira with your development tools

  3. Make sure your tool is configured properly so it can send development information to Jira.

The Code page displays a list of the repositories that are linked with your project, helping you keep track of where your team is working. It can display up to 100 linked code repositories.

Code page showing connected repositories

You can link a repository to a project by including issue keys in your branch names, commit messages, and pull requests. Here’s how:

  1. Find the key for the Jira issue you want to link to, for example “JRA-123”.

  2. Checkout a new branch in your repository, using the issue key in the branch name. For example, git checkout -b JRA-123-<branch-name>.

  3. When committing changes to your branch, use the issue key in your commit message. For example, git commit -m "JRA-123 <summary of commit>". You can also include the issue key in the pull request title.

After you commit your changes or push your branch, go to Code in the project menu to see the connected repository. It can take a few minutes for the connection to complete.

Learn how to reference issues in your development work

Project admins can link repositories to a Jira Software project using the toolchain feature. You can connect multiple code repositories from Bitbucket, GitHub, GitLab, or any other supported tool, and these will display on the code page in your project.

  1. Select Project settings from your project menu, then select Toolchain.

  2. From the top right, click Add > Add code repository.

  3. Select your preferred code tool. You may need to install or authenticate the tool.

  4. Select your team’s repository from the list.

If the tool is already listed in your toolchain, you can connect work from the tool’s card.

  1. Click the + icon.

  2. Select your team’s repository from the list.

Additional Help