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The following information only applies to classic projects.

To check which project you need help with, look at the bottom of your project’s left-hand sidebar:

  • If you see an icon stating You’re in a next-gen project with Give feedback and Learn more menu items, you're in a next-gen project. Check out our next-gen project documentation.

  • If you don’t, you're in a classic project.

The Code feature gives you greater visibility of your teams' work by automatically linking and displaying your teams' code repositories in your project.

Enable code for your classic software project

Only project admins can enable and disable features on a project.

  1. Navigate to your classic software project.

  2. Go to Project Settings Code.

  3. Enable the Code feature.

A new menu item, Code, will be added to the project menu.

Linking your team’s repositories

To use the Code feature, you’ll need to connect Jira Software to Bitbucket or any other Source Code Management tools. Learn more about integrating Jira with your development tool.

The Code screen will display a list of the repositories your teams work on that are associated with the current project.

code page

To link repositories to a project, include issue keys in your branch names, commit messages, and pull requests. Learn how to reference issues in your development work and read more about the features available when integrating Jira Software with your development tools.

Code settings

You can navigate to the code settings from the meatballs menu on the top-right corner of the page.

code settings

For example, if you have GitHub installed, select Github settings to manage your app integration.

You can also disable the code feature from this menu, which takes you to the Project settings > Code.

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