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Limits on plan size

This page refers to the advanced planning features that are only available as part of Jira Cloud Premium and Enterprise.


To prevent Jira from timing out, there are limits on how how much data your plan can include. Some limits can’t be exceeded, like the issue limits, while others negatively impact your plan’s performance or usability. Read how to improve the performance of your plans.

Issue limits

A single plan can load up to 5,000 issues At that point, you’ll begin to see warnings that your plan performance will be affected.

For larger projects, consider spreading the work across multiple plans.

Team limits

While there is no enforced limit on the number of teams that can be included in your plan, we recommend adding no more than 50 teams. If you add more, some teams won't display on the Teams tab and you’ll need to enter the team name in the search box.

Limits on issue sources

Your plan can handle up to four issue sources with no problems. The impact of issues sources beyond this depends on their complexity. However, your plan can only span 100 projects, including those that are pulled in as part of boards and filters.

If you hit the project limit in your plan, try adjusting your board or filter’s JQL to include fewer projects. Alternatively, if you only need a handful of issues from an issue source, consider moving those issues to a different project or using exclusion rules to only pull in the relevant issues.

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