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Create issues in Advanced Roadmaps

Advanced Roadmaps is only available as part of Jira Software Cloud Premium and Enterprise.

Learn more about Advanced Roadmaps and how to get a free trial of Jira Software Cloud Premium

Advanced Roadmaps is a sandbox environment meaning that any changes you make to your plan won’t be committed back to your Jira Software issues until you choose to do so.

Learn how to save your changes in the Review and save changes in Advanced Roadmaps section.

To add a new issue to your plan in Advanced Roadmaps:

  1. Group issues in your plan by NoneAssigneeProjectTeamReleases, or Sprint.

  2. Either:

    1. navigate to +Create issue at the top of the Scope column or

    2. On your timeline, hover over the destination issue, select the  menu, and Choose Create [task type].

  3. Select the type of issue you want to create. If your plan contains more than one project, use the dropdown to select which project to assign the new issue.

  4. Name your new issue then use the checkmark to save.

You can't add issues to external sprints or projects not associated with your plan.

If you create an issue using the + Create issue button, Advanced Roadmaps will place your new issue at the bottom of your current project. If you’ve made a child-level issue (such as a story or subtask), it will be listed under the collapsible x issues without parent heading at the bottom of your timeline until it’s linked to a parent task.

If you create a child issue using the , it will be nested underneath the parent ticket and inherit  sprintsreleases, and teams values.

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