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Add teams and releases to your Advanced Roadmaps plan

This page refers to Advanced Roadmaps, which is a cross-project planning tool only available as part of Jira Software Cloud Premium and Enterprise.

We have a separate section for documentation about the project roadmap that’s included in all Jira Software plans. Go to the documentation for project-level roadmaps in Jira Software.



Teams in Advanced Roadmaps are different from the teams found in the rest of Jira Software Cloud. In Advanced Roadmaps, they act as a label applied to issues that designates which team will eventually pick up the work on your timeline. By adding the Team field to your Jira issues, you can save this value back to your Jira issues, which makes sprint planning easier.

Since Advanced Roadmaps is a planning tool, the Team field is a way to use features like capacity management without assigning issues to individuals, which happens in sprint grooming or planning sessions.

You can also use Advanced Roadmaps' view settings to focus on work assigned to a specific team. For example, you can choose to color issues based on the team to which they’re assigned, group issues by team on your timeline, or hide teams from your view.



Releases in Advanced Roadmaps essentially function as large target deadlines for sections or versions of your work. In the rest of Jira, these are referred to as Fix versions.

You can set a release to happen on a set date, or after all of the issues assigned to it are completed. The former is recommended for teams that release with regular cadence (every two weeks) since any issues that aren’t completed can be bounced to the next release. For teams that have irregular releases, Advanced Roadmaps can give you a projected release date when you define a release based on completed issues.

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