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Create a new project

Jira Software has many different project templates to suit your team's workflows, including scrum and kanban.

To create a new project:

  1. In the main navigation, select Projects > Create project.

  2. Select a project template, then select Use template.

  3. Choose a company-managed or team-managed project. Read about company-managed and team-managed projects

  4. Enter a name for your project (a project key is generated for you, you can change it if you like).

  5. To import settings from another project (for things like issue types and workflows), check Share settings with an existing project.

  6. Select Next.

Depending on the tools connected to your site, you can also connect existing code repositories, security containers, and Confluence spaces to your new project.

Share settings with an existing project

Projects with shared settings share issue types, workflows, screens, fields, permissions and notifications. Changing one of these settings affects all projects sharing those settings. We’ll let you know if a setting is shared.

Additional Help