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Add and view custom fields in Advanced Roadmaps

Custom fields - including custom dates, labels, and components - must first be set up by your Jira Administrator. Learn more about this process on the Enable custom fields used in Advanced Roadmaps in Jira page.

Only the following custom field types are supported in Advanced Roadmaps:

  • label

  • component

  • teams

  • checkbox

  • date picker

  • user picker (single user)

  • number

  • radio button

  • single-choice select

  • multiple-choice select

  • single-line text

  • URL (read-only)

To add and view custom fields in your plan:

  1. From the Roadmap view, navigate to settings using the  next to your plan name > Configure.

  2. Choose Custom fields to show you all of the custom fields currently in your plan.

  3. Select Add custom field in the upper right corner, then search for the fields you want to add.

  4. Use the Add fields button to finalize your choice.


Last modified on Aug 10, 2021
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