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What are team-managed and company-managed projects?

Projects in Jira can be created as either team-managed or company-managed (formerly next-gen and classic). The core functionality of these project types are the same, but there are key differences you should know in order to decide what’s right for your team.

The main way to tell whether you’re in a team-managed or company-managed project is to look at the bottom of the left menu in your project. You’ll find either:

  • You're in a company-managed project

  • You're in a team-managed project

Team-managed projects

Set up and maintained by anyone on the team, team-managed projects are ideal for autonomous teams who want to control their own working processes and practices in a self-contained space. Team-managed projects have simpler project configuration and give project admins more control over set up without involving a Jira admin (unlike company-managed projects, where one is required to configure schemes and screens).

Choose a team-managed project if:

  • Your team wants easier project configuration to get started quickly.

  • You want a self-contained space to manage your team’s work.


You can now include issues from team-managed projects in your plans!

We’re building out more support for team-managed projects. Learn more about what functionality is available in our docs.

As we release improvements to team-managed project support, we’ll post updates on the feature request ticket. View the feature request ticket.

Company-managed projects

Set up and maintained by Jira admins, company-managed projects are the best choice for teams who want to work with other teams across many projects in a standard way, such as sharing a workflow. Company-managed projects require a Jira admin to configure screens and schemes that projects are based on. Hence, company-managed projects have greater complexity in project configuration, but also the ability to standardize workflows across projects that team-managed projects don’t have. When a Jira admin changes a scheme or screen, every company-managed project that uses that configuration changes accordingly.

Choose a company-managed project if you:

  • want to standardize configuration across multiple projects in your organization

  • want complex customization with regard to permissions and workflow.

Learn more about the differences between team-managed and company-managed projects.


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