As part of our commitment to your privacy, we're making some changes to the way user data is handled in Jira Cloud. This will particularly affect the way you search for issues related to a user or users in Jira Cloud, and the way you search for other users when assigning issues or adding users to issue custom fields.

We've already started to roll out these changes, and we'll update this page with more details as they arise. Check back here if there's anything you're unsure about, or raise an issue at if you need to talk to our support team.

What's changing?

The main change is the removal of usernames from the Jira Cloud user interface. This means that you'll no longer be able to search for users by their username in issue filters or fields (like assignee, reporter, and custom user-picker fields) and when you mention them. You can search for other users by typing part of their full name or email address.

Saved filters

If you currently have filters that find issues based on a username, we'll update that search to use our new user-picker for JQL searching. This means your filter should continue to work as before. If you notice any unexpected changes in filters, boards, dashboards, or gadgets, check to see whether they're still trying to find users by username.

Deactivated or deleted users won't appear in autocomplete when using JQL.

Deleted users in rich text fields

Previously, when a user was @mentioned in a rich text field then later deleted from Jira Cloud, their username would still appear where they were mentioned. Deleted users now appear as "Former user" wherever they're @mentioned in rich text fields.

Mentioned users in issue view

If you are not in or using the new Jira issue view on Jira Cloud, mentioning a user in a rich text field will display only their Atlassian account ID prior to saving your updates or changes.

Audit logs

We've removed usernames and email addresses from Jira Cloud audit logs and replaced them with "Updated" or "Created" events and the Atlassian Profile information for the related user. When a user is deleted, the audit log displays the event as "Updated" and the profile displays "Former user".