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Specify a date range for your deployments

Using the pre-defined and custom date range filters, you can set different timeframes for your deployments view. When you select or create a date range filter, it helps you extract and visualize deployment data for a particular timeframe.

Date range impacts the deployment timeline and the insights.

Pre-defined date range filters

In the Deployments view, click the calendar icon () to enable the date range filter.


You can select a date range from the list of pre-defined filters. Alternatively, use a shortcut key for the date range of your choice.

Keyboard shortcut key

Date range


Past two weeks


Past month


Past quarter


Past year

No data available before April 2020.

Custom date range filter

You can customize the date range to be able to view data for a particular timeframe. Select start date and end date using the calendar, then click Confirm.


On confirmation, you will see the custom date range enabled on the deployments view.

Select a date range from April 2020 onwards and ensure that the start end is not as same as the end date.

Rather than using a calendar, you may type a date range with YYYY-MM-DD format.


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