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Limitations of team-managed projects in your plan

This page refers to the advanced planning features that are only available as part of Jira Software Cloud Premium and Enterprise.

We have a separate section for documentation about the project timeline that’s included in all Jira Software projects. Go to the documentation for project-level roadmaps in Jira Software.

As of July 2023, your plan now supports team-managed projects. You can add them to your plan like you would any other issue source. Learn how to add a project, board, or filter to your plan.

That said, there are a few things that team-managed projects can’t yet do in your plan.

Team-managed custom fields can only be applied to issues from the project in which they were created

While globally-scoped custom fields can be used across all issues in your plan, custom fields from team-managed projects can only be applied to issues from the same project in which the field was configured.

If you want to use a team-managed custom field across multiple projects, we recommend converting it to a globally-scoped custom field. Learn more about custom fields.

Issues from team-managed projects can only be rolled-up to the Epic level

The default parent issue type in Jira Software is Epic, which is what we use in this documentation. However, this is a dynamic value based on how your administrator configures the parent issue type. For example, if your project uses feature as the parent issue type, you’ll see Create Feature.

Across all of Jira, issues from team-managed projects can only:

  • be parented by the project in which they were created

  • contain issues at or below the Epic hierarchy level

These two facts mean that issues from team-managed projects can’t be rolled-up to a higher hierarchy level in your plan. Learn more about roll ups.

Exclusion rules only apply to issues from company-managed projects

Exclusion rules use globally-defined issue types and statuses, which are used in company-managed projects. Statuses and issue types from team-managed projects, even if they’re the same as their company-managed counterparts, won’t appear in the search box.

Existing exclusion rules in your plan won’t be applied to any team-managed projects you add. Learn more about exclusion rules.

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