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What are teams in Advanced Roadmaps?

Advanced Roadmaps is only available as part of Jira Software Cloud Premium and Enterprise.

Learn more about Advanced Roadmaps and how to get a free trial of Jira Software Cloud Premium

The Team field is a custom field in Jira Software.

If you want to save this back to your Jira issues, you'll first need to add the Teams field to the Jira screen. Learn more about this on the Enable custom fields used in Advanced Roadmaps in Jira page.

Teams in Advanced Roadmaps are different from the teams found in the rest of Jira Software Cloud. In Advanced Roadmaps, they act as a label applied to issues that designates which team will eventually pick up the work on your timeline. By adding the Teams field to your Jira issues, you can save this value back to your Jira issues, which makes sprint planning easier.

Since Advanced Roadmaps is a planning tool, the Teams field is a way to use features like capacity management without assigning issues to individuals, which happens in sprint grooming or planning sessions.

You can also use Advanced Roadmaps' view settings to focus on work assigned to a specific team. For example, you can choose to color issues based on the team to which they’re assigned, group issues by team on your timeline, or hide teams from your view.

Within Advanced Roadmaps, you have two options when making a team:

- a shared team will be visible in all Advanced Roadmaps plans across your organization. Anyone can add this team to their plan, and begin to model future work based on its capacity, overall availability, and the members of the team.

- a plan-only team lives only within your plan. If someone else in your organization makes a plan, they won’t be able to use this team. This is helpful if you’re planning for a team that doesn’t yet exist. You can always convert a plan-only team to a shared team at a later date.

Choose Teams from the view selector menu to see the list of teams included in your plan. Each included team will have an entry like this:

The teams dropdown in Advanced Roadmaps depicting a card that displays the team's name, and board and sprint metadata.

This team snapshot includes:

  • the issue source associated to the team (board, project, or filter)

  • the capacity and iteration length (capacity information will vary depending on whether it’s a Scrum or Kanban team, as well as how their work is estimated)

  • team member avatars

  • A lozenge in the upper right corner indicating whether this is team is shared or plan-only

You can also Filter issues by this team to view only the issues assigned to the specific team in your plan.


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