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View and understand the burnup chart or report

The Burnup Chart provides a visual representation of a sprint's completed work compared with its total scope. It offers insights on your project's progress, as well as offers warnings to help you maintain your project's health; you can instantly identify problems such as scope creep or a deviation from the planned project path. 

  1. Click Projects in the navigation bar and select the relevant project

  2. Click Reports, then select Burnup Chart

  3. To choose a different sprint or a different measurement for the vertical axis, click the drop-down menus.

A burnup chart. Work scope's indicated by a red line, completed work by a green line, and a guide by a grey line..

Before you begin

  • The Burnup Chart only applies to Scrum boards

  • Story Points on sub-tasks are not included in the Burnup Chart. (Only Story Points on parent tasks are included.)

Understanding the Burnup Chart

  • The vertical axis represents the amount of work and can be measured in different ways such as story points, issue count, or estimates. The horizontal axis represents time in days.

  • The distance between the lines on the chart is the amount of work remaining. When the project has been completed, the lines will meet.

  • Examine the 'Work scope' line to identify any scope creep.

Additional Help